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"I share my voice with the KLAS community because it is of great value to exchange knowledge and experiences regarding our technology-related investments and services. I contribute to KLAS with the trust that my peers and others will do the same.”
- Rick Schooler, CIO, Orlando Health
“I share my voice with the KLAS community because I believe in the power of fact based decisions, and intelligent conversations that lead to positive change across the industry.”
- Rasu Shrestha, Chief Innovation Officer, UPMC
"KLAS is the single best source of honest, unbiased information about the software and equipment that keeps healthcare moving forward. They give a voice to the people who actually use these systems."
- George Reynolds, Former CIO Children's Hospital and Medical Center, Nebraska
“I share my voice with the KLAS community because I find great value in the collective shared experiences KLAS presents in such a unique way in our industry, adding my voice to this collective is the least I can do. ”
- Brian Patty, CMIO, Rush University Medical Center
"I share my voice with the KLAS community because they provide an essential service to the healthcare community by consolidating all the feedback that myself and my colleagues provide."
- Deane Morrison, CIO, Capital Regional Health Care

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KLAS partners with healthcare professionals like you to create a powerful voice to help change the industry and to create a community of transparency about vendor performance. Your willingness to share your voice with KLAS gives you unlimited access to peer reviews and scores for hundreds of products and vendors. Members also have access to key insights to help you set expectations, avoid potential issues, and choose best options for your organization.


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KLAS and the NHS: How will the UK Measure Interoperability?

Jul 19, 2017

I am really delighted to see that KLAS has begun their journey in helping the UK healthcare system measure interoperability. Having met with a cross section of CIOs and CCIOs in all care settings the KLAS team are getting this model together to reflect the UK health care system.

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Innovation Blog Cover Resized

Cube Brilliance - Why Context Matters in Healthcare Innovation

Jun 27, 2017

Early last month, I took the chance to get out of the office and spend the day among the blooming gardens of Thanksgiving Point in Lehi UT for the Utah HIMSS Innovations and Awards conference. Among the many impressive speakers, one that stood out to me was Todd Dunn, the Director of Innovation for Intermountain Healthcare Transformation Lab.

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RFP Process Decision

How Can KLAS Help Save Time in an RFP?

Jun 23, 2017

Charles Podesta, CIO of UC Irvine Health, shares the ways he's used data and insights from KLAS Research.

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Sepsis cover image

Sepsis: Demonstrating CDS Progress in Healthcare

Jun 21, 2017

KLAS recently published our first report on Sepsis. A first of it's kind, Kody Hansen takes to the blog to discuss which vendors are impacting the fight against sepsis, and how they're doing it.

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