Clinical Decision Support: Striving for More Intelligent Care

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Release Date: Friday, December 10, 2010

In recent months, KLAS has noticed a significant amount of provider interest around electronic clinical decision support (CDS). Why all the interest? In 2010, healthcare is in the midst of constant change. As researchers continually strive for better ways to treat and prevent disease, the world’s medical knowledge is expanding faster than ever before. In addition, spurred both by necessity and by government incentives (ARRA), the use of information technology to harness medical knowledge is steadily becoming a more integral part of patient care.

Although providers can use a variety of tools to improve electronic clinical decision support (CDS), 38 percent indicated that electronic order sets are having the greatest impact on their organization. Evidence-based alerts and reference content were also mentioned as most impactful by 19 percent and 10 percent of providers, respectively.

This report outlines current provider activity in five key electronic CDS areas: order sets, multi-parameter alerting, nursing care plans, reference content, and drug information databases. The report also highlights the third-party (non-EMR) vendors that providers are turning to for help with CDS content and development.

Providers referenced a number of vendors in this report, but those being used most often were Zynx Health and ProVation for order sets, UpToDate, MD Consult, and DynaMed for reference content, Zynx Health and CPMRC for nursing care plans, and Multum, FirstDataBank, Micromedex, and Lexi-Comp for drug information databases.

Non-Provider Price: $9,850
Provider Price: $980

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