2010 Homecare Update: Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Growth

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Release Date: Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Release Date 7/13/2010

“We feel that homecare is the answer to many of the continuity of care issues that are at the heart of reform. Our challenge is to be heard in the discussion.” Many providers, like the IT director quoted above, expect that the wave of healthcare reform will also give home health a more active role in the continuum of patient care. At the same time, home health’s biggest patient pool is expanding. The population of Americans over age 65 is anticipated to increase by 89 percent between 2007 and 2030, according to a report issued by AARP. With more patients overall and more hospitals prescribing home health as a step in the patient care life cycle, homecare is growing in independent agencies, hospitals, and IDNs.

Adapting to the increased need and attention, today’s home health agency is adopting technology at a faster pace, with a need to vet potential long-term IT partnerships. So which vendors are providers most impressed with, and why? How satisfied are providers now, and how optimistic are they about the future of their current homecare products? How well can homecare solutions scale to varying sizes of agencies? KLAS spoke with 225 home health agencies across the nation to answer these and other questions.

Non-Provider Price: $8,850
Provider Price: $980

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