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Vendors Rushing to Mark Territory in Population Health Management Land Grab

KLAS attempts to cut through the mystery of the PHM vendor landscape

Orem, Utah – November 14, 2013 – Soaring provider interest in population health management (PHM) has triggered an arms race among vendors to capture mind and market share. The latest KLAS report, entitled Population Health Management 2013: Scouting the PHM Roster, attempts to make sense of and define the various PHM strategies and solutions for providers.

“With so many vendors echoing similar messages, it is hard for providers to know where to start,” said report author, Mark Wagner. “The purpose of this report is to create structure around population health terminology and to get beyond the vendor marketing messages in an effort to validate how these solutions are being used in live environments.”

As part of the report, KLAS interviewed 78 provider organizations currently using at least one PHM solution. Providers gave feedback on the depth of the PHM vendors' experience, the breadth of their portfolios and the delivery of performance for each of the solutions.

For further details, visit KLAS online at www.KLASresearch.com/reports and view Population Health Management 2013: Scouting the PHM RosterThe report is available to healthcare providers and vendors. Providers receive a significant discount off the standard retail price or can receive a complimentary summary report in exchange for a survey about one of their current vendors.