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Media Contacts

Interviews: KLAS has a variety of experts and researchers who can discuss in further detail our specialty reports, and our fields of research. Please contact us at pressroom@KLASresearch.com to submit your request.

Data Use Policy Questions: marketing@KLASresearch.com

General Public Relations Questions: communications@KLASresearch.com

Data Use Policy

Thank you for your interest in using or publishing KLAS data. Those using KLAS data for any reason must adhere to the data use policy. Download the KLAS Data Use Policy.

KLAS Quick Facts

  • KLAS is privately owned and operated.
  • KLAS‘ founder is Kent L. Gale
  • KLAS gets its name from the first letters of the founder’s names: Kent Gale, Leonard Black, Adam Gale and Scott Holbrook
  • KLAS is headquartered in Orem, Utah, with independent researchers working throughout the country
  • KLAS focuses solely on healthcare technology

KLAS‘ Areas of Research

  • Healthcare software vendors
  • Medical equipment vendors
  • Professional services/consulting firms

KLAS‘ Primary Product Offerings

KLAS offers research findings on vendor performance as reported by thousands of hospitals and clinics. These findings are made available in the following ways:

  • Performance Database - Real-time performance ratings for all of the markets, vendors, and products KLAS monitors (free access to healthcare providers)
  • Specialty Reports - A detailed look at the performance or perception of specific segments, as well as key issues within the vendor market
  • Advisory Services/Custom Research - Providers and vendors can engage KLAS to conduct custom research projects or deliver on-site consulting engagements