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Why Use KLAS Data

As you use KLAS ratings to benchmark performance and understand how to better serve your clients, the provider community wins and you win.

A Win for the Provider Community

Providers expect your best. In what has become the central place to share peer experiences, KLAS ratings are the measuring stick by which thousands of hospitals and clinics evaluate vendor performance.

The provider community uses KLAS data to:

  • Research product and service offerings
  • Screen prospective vendors and narrow their selection
  • Compare vendor performance
  • Set reasonable expectations based on the experiences of others

A Win for You

Thousands of hospitals and clinics have partnered with KLAS to rate your products. Using KLAS data, vendors:

  1. Achieve superb client satisfaction. With KLAS data, you know what areas to focus your improvement efforts on. As issues are addressed, customer satisfaction increases.
  2. Save time and money. With KLAS data, you gain access to thousands of provider opinions in one place. You save research time, which also saves money.
  3. Create winning presentations. Create presentations and proposals to firmly state your case for future business direction.
  4. Share your successes with potential clients. KLAS ratings reflect the experiences of your clients. Potential clients appreciate understanding what successes other providers are having with your products.
  5. Benchmark your performance. Compare your perceptions with measured vendor and product performance. Set realistic expectations and goals for your organization.

For more information, please call (800) 920-4109 or email us at KLASinfo@KLASresearch.com.

"Nothing compares to getting real user experience vs. marketing data. Anytime I need to research HIT systems, I use on-line resources offered by KLAS on vendor performance. KLAS provides me with unbiased data collected from many of my peers.”
Tammy C. Grubbs, RN
Clinical Systems Coordinator
Lexington Health Services, South Carolina