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Fujifilm Medical Systems, USA Data Definitions


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Fujifilm Medical Systems USA, Inc. (Fuji) is a leading provider of medical image and information products and technologies for acquiring, processing, presenting, managing and storing diagnostic images. As the diagnostic imaging market continues its transformation from film-based to digitally-driven, Fuji's full suite of products, including conventional film, imagers, Fuji Computed Radiography (FCR®) and Synapse® Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), not only meet the needs of today's radiology departments, but also help customers to successfully transition to the digital future.

General Info*

Headquarters Stamford, CT, USA
Sector Funding Private
Website Click Here To Visit

Primary Contact*

Name Jim Morgan
Title Vice President, Medical Informatics
Phone (203) 363-3963
Email jmmorgan@fujifilm.com
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Name Market Segment Overall Score Annual Trend Konfidence  
Synapse PACS - - . - - Rate this product
Synapse (Non-US) * Global (Non-US) PACS - - . - - Rate this product
Synapse Cardiovascular Cardiology - - . - - Rate this product
Synapse RIS Radiology - - . - - Rate this product
Synapse VNA (TeraMedica) VNA/Image Archive - - . - - Rate this product

Medical Equipment

Name Market Segment Overall Score Annual Trend Konfidence  
Fujifilm Mammography * Mammography - - . - - Rate this product
Fujifilm X-ray X-ray - - . - - Rate this product
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