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Canon Data Definitions


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Canon U.S.A., Inc., headquartered in Lake Success, New York, sells professional and consumer imaging equipment and information systems. Canon's product line enables businesses and consumers worldwide to capture, store and distribute visual information. Canon products include full-color and black and white copiers; printers; micrographics and image filing systems; cameras; camcorders; flatbed scanners; and other specialized industrial products.

Canon PACS is a distributed picture archiving communications system (PACS) that facilitates effective workflow management, communication and dissemination. DICOM-compatible, it acquires, displays, disseminates and archives images, department to department or facility to facility, in real time, and with the spatial resolution obtained by the original image acquisition device.

General Info*

Headquarters San Jose, CA,
Sector Funding Public
Website Click Here To Visit

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Name Anne Ji
Title Marketing Manager
Phone (949) 753-4295
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