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How will your doctors be impacted by the EMR options you are considering?

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Healthcare organizations across the globe face difficult decisions in selecting solutions that will provide the best outcomes. Our team of researchers is committed to helping you and other healthcare professionals answer the most pressing industry questions using input that comes directly from your peers.

Our goal is to synthesize the research into
reports and insights that are shared with all members. This transparency helps you know which solutions are really delivering and which are not ready for prime time.  

Our reports cover a full spectrum of solutions from medical imaging, pharmacy automation, and core clinical systems to outsourcing, revenue cycle management, and implementation services. Each analysis is powered by the real voices of decision-makers.
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The KLAS research team publishes over 50 vendor-differentiating reports a year covering the most pressing questions facing healthcare technology today. All our reports are available to healthcare professionals who are willing share their experience with KLAS. Each report contains the following core features:

Easy-to-Digest Format

Our goal is to make understanding fast and easy for you. All of our key report findings are in short, two-page executive summaries with what you need to know at a glance. For those who need in-depth background information, we offer our extensive write-ups with detailed analysis, demographics, report methodology, and custom commentary through our Partner-level memberships. 

Key Findings & Analysis ​From In-Depth Peer Interviews

Because healthcare professionals are willing to share their time with KLAS to voice their experiences, we are able to provide clear analysis for often difficult purchasing decisions and add transparency to ​which solutions are really delivering. 

Advice & Insights from Actual Healthcare Professionals

Each report is filled with recommendations and best practices ​from actual customers that KLAS interviews. We carefully validate through an interview that each and every product review was given by an actual person directly involved with the solution being measured so you can trust the insights. 

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Recent Reports



Upcoming Reports




August, 2016

While many providers are live on new EMR systems, many are experiencing inefficiencies in their workflows and applications. This study will explore which consulting firms are providing post-implementation workflow refinement and/or application enhancement for providers. It will include clinical and revenue cycle optimization services.

CRM Providers and Payers


August, 2016

CRM continues to grow in importance as a meaningful Patient Engagement tool. Payers have similar interests and needs as providers regarding CRM. This report will show how CRM is evolving in both the payer and provider sides of healthcare, which vendors are making an impact, and how vendors stack up side by side.



August, 2016

With labor costs consuming upwards of 60% of a healthcare organizations budget, the purpose of this study is to obtain key insights into the performance, key benefits and challenges of scheduling systems as well as their impact on improving staffing efficiencies. KLAS will also shine a light on vendor performance around self-scheduling, mobile capabilities, patient acuity and predictive scheduling. This report will also explore vendor performance of targeted physician/on-call scheduling systems.

Ambulatory RCM Performance


August, 2016 

Healthcare providers continue to search for ways to alleviate administrative stresses caused by today’s complex operations. With many ambulatory EMR/PM vendors now providing outsourced billing/revenue cycle management (RCM) services as an option, providers want to know how well do vendors perform at managing these processes? This study will look at what providers can expect around costs and types of services offered, as well as an analysis of the typical risks and successes.

Patient Access


August, 2016 

Performance report for firms that provide extended business office services.

Mobile X-ray


August, 2016 

Where do you get the most value? We will evaluate the usability and progress of the available Portable DR systems; to understand which vendors and niche vendors provide the best support, reliable technology, imaging, and workflow (value). Uncover how vendor performance is across mobile x-ray. Do providers continue to see ongoing cost on the rise with service and maintenance among vendors? What is the differentiation among vendors with functionality and upgrades?



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