Do you have a critical healthcare IT decision to make but need clarity? What can you realistically expect from current market options? What solutions are currently being selected by your peers, and what are the real differentiators?

Solutions are difficult to find when facts are fuzzy. KLAS’ Analysis & Insight team can work directly with you to help cut through the noise and accelerate your decision process.

Unlike more traditional consulting services, KLAS’ sole mission is to help provide your organization with the transparency you need to make sound decisions quickly. We don’t make recommendations; we share the reality and let the research speak for itself.


KLAS ratings and reports are based on broad trends across all customers. How does that research change when tailored to needs of your organization? What do organizations like yours report?


Most IT solutions require some compromises for different stakeholder groups. Which solutions best meet the needs of your frontline clinicians? How well do considered options bring the outcomes the executive leadership expects?


Which solutions are your peers selecting? What energy and optimism for future development do current customers report?



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