Proton Therapy 2012: Dollars, Decisions, and Debates

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Release Date: Monday, April 30, 2012

With only 10 live centers in the U.S., speculation about the required investment and effectiveness of proton therapy is plentiful, but actual facts are in short supply. In the cancer treatment world, proton therapy is a hot topic; it is critical for some patients, as well as expensive and controversial.

This leads providers to ask many unanswered questions, including, Do we need this to compete, and if so, is the cost worth it? What is required to get an ROI? Providers also wonder about the effectiveness and potential side effects. Is proton therapy actually better than other less costly and more available radiation therapy? Which vendors play in the space and who is having success? KLAS spoke with nearly 100 providers to determine current perceptions in the market.

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