MEDITECH V.6 2011: Expectations Meet Reality

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Release Date: Thursday, September 22, 2011

With the largest hospital EMR market share, MEDITECH impacts more hospitals and patients than most other vendors. Key to MEDITECH’s popularity has been clients’ willingness to accept weak clinical usability in exchange for affordability and stability. Recently, however, government pressures to advance meaningful use (MU) have pushed clients to demand more. In answer, MEDITECH has been rolling out an upgraded platform now referred to as v.6. Sales seem brisk, with over 50 sites live and another 150 contracted. At the same time, some v.6 customers have canceled go lives mid-implementation, and other large, long-time MEDITECH customers are demoing competing products or jumping the MEDITECH ship entirely. These kind of decisions were rarely heard of in the past and providers are asking, “Is v.6 ready?”

Non-Provider Price: $12,980
Provider Price: $980

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