Enterprise 3D 2011: Filling a Need?

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Release Date: Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Three-dimensional imaging has evolved from 3D applications commonly found on the modality workstations to 3D-specific workstations and now to enterprise advanced 3D imaging solutions that can be accessed from anywhere. The two biggest players in the advanced visualization arena, TeraRecon and ViTAL, have been in a race to introduce new technology. TeraRecon was the first to take the step toward an enterprise solution with NetServer, but functionality was missing from that first attempt. Following in TeraRecon’s footsteps and upping the ante, ViTAL was the first to introduce true web-based functionality to a full-blown enterprise advanced 3D imaging solution with Vitrea Enterprise Suite. TeraRecon then updated their offering with iNtuition, also offering full functionality.

Non-Provider Price: $11,980
Provider Price: $980

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