EDIS 2010 - Functionality vs. Integration: Finding the Right Mix

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Release Date: Friday, November 12, 2010

To the delight of many providers (and the chagrin of many others), the final meaningful use (MU) guidelines released on July 13, 2010 incorporated emergency department data as part of the qualification requirements–including CPOE. What does this mean for hospitals? For those with high CPOE rates and high levels of automation in the emergency department (ED), the change makes Stage 1 MU requirements easier to achieve. For those who have EDs that are still on paper or who are struggling with CPOE, the change is not as helpful, but it may be an incentive for them to focus more on ED automation. With this new curveball thrown at the market, how has the enterprise vs. best-of-breed debate changed? Which vendors are strong in the functional areas key to MU success? Which EDIS vendors offer the right combination of integration and functionality? Where is the EDIS market headed?

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