The Conundrum of ERP: Is it Possible to get Functionality and Service?

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Release Date: Friday, July 30, 2010

Do ERP benefits outweigh the pain? A CIO says that his ERP vendor “is in a world of hurt, and we are stuck. The technology is antiquated and the support is terrible, but we just cannot justify replacing [it] right now.” He goes on to say that the vendor “knows their customer base can’t move right now, so they ignore us.” Sadly, this CIO is not alone with these sentiments.

Many hospitals describe their experiences with ERP vendors as disappointing and painful. KLAS interviewed 225 provider organizations to ascertain the relative strengths of each ERP vendor and to illustrate the experiences clients are having with their ERP solution, as well as to shine a light on product development which could impact provider purchase decisions.

Non-Provider Price: $8,850
Provider Price: $980

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