The Oncology IT Balancing Act: Integration vs. Functionality

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Release Date: Thursday, September 16, 2010

Where are the oncology offerings from the enterprise vendors? One departmental executive answered, “I just don’t think that a lot of vendors that cover everything have really dialed in on oncology.” Another respondent concurred, “There is such a small group of vendors who offer oncology software.” If providers are looking to purchase an oncology solution that has proven functionality with a significant inpatient and outpatient client base, there are only three vendors that can deliver on these criteria today: Elekta, IntrinsiQ, and Varian. These three vendors make up the bulk of the market. Yet, a group of “up-and-coming” solutions are starting to gain mind and market share, including BMSi, US Oncology, and Altos Solutions.

How do these oncology vendors perform for their clients? Are early adopters moving onto newer solutions? Where are the enterprise vendors in the development of oncology software? KLAS interviewed 137 healthcare provider organizations to answer these questions and to provide a status update on the oncology market.

Non-Provider Price: $10,980
Provider Price: $980

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