Healthcare CRM 2015: From Acquiring Patients to Managing Health

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a mature market in many industries and is taking hold in healthcare at a moderate but steady rate. While the pace of adoption is not rapidly changing, providers’ reasons for pursuing CRM are shifting along with the growth in value-based care. KLAS interviewed 130 providers to measure the energy and trajectory of CRM. KLAS also spoke with 40 providers currently using CRM products to validate functionality and share an early perspective on vendor performance.

Authored by: ​Adam Cherrington
Published: November, 2015


Providers considering a CRM investment have population health management at the top of their minds. The same is true for those who are currently using a CRM solution and want to expand its use beyond marketing. Currently, however, only 21% of those with a CRM solution use it for population health efforts, mainly because they are still defining population health strategies. Also, some feel that CRM tools lack the analytic capabilities of more sophisticated population health tools, so they supplement them with solutions from vendors like Advisory Board, Optum, and Verisk. At this early stage, no vendor stands out as a clear leader in PHM ability.

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