Working Toward Vendor Excellence


When vendors perform well, healthcare organizations win. Every week KLAS meets with multiple vendor leadership teams in an effort to amplify the provider voice—ultimately helping vendors improve. KLAS is passionate about helping vendor organizations improve their delivery for their customers. Each year the top performing vendors in each segment are recognized in the Best In KLAS reports. 

How Do I Get Rated by KLAS?

Many vendors ask why KLAS rates their products even when they do not pay for access. Because KLAS aims to serve the healthcare organization, we choose to rate products about which ​healthcare providers & professionals are seeking insight.

Access to KLAS research allows you to see what customers say about you when you are not in the room.

How Much Does It Cost to Raise My KLAS Score?

A KLAS membership will not change your KLAS ratings until you use the customer feedback to improve the actual customer experience. Our mission is to help you target your investments on those changes needed to improve customer success.

 How Do I Work with KLAS?

 KLAS notices that vendor teams who improve the fastest approach their customers’ feedback with:

  • An intense appetite to learn
  • A commitment to long-term customer success before immediate revenue
  • Creativity and innovation

Vendor Resources


KLAS Membership

A KLAS membership gives you access to KLAS’ in-depth vendor performance scores and also access to the experts spearheading the research. By leveraging the unfiltered voices of actual customers across the industry, you can quickly identify trends and see what your competitors are doing as well as research emerging market segments.



KLAS drills down on over 50 market categories each year to answer the most pressing questions using input that comes directly from healthcare professionals. These reports provide key decision-makers across the globe with the real customer story as they face difficult healthcare technology choices. Use these candid customer insights to focus your team on the most critical factors driving customer success.


Insight & Analysis Services

Are your largest customers the most successful, or are they in the most pain? Have you worked with department leaders enough, or do you need to get to the C-suite? Bring your executives to work with our Insight & Analysis team to see your baseline performance, set specific targets, learn best practices for achieving them, and see the impact of your initiatives. Don’t step in the same bear traps as others.


Custom Research

Do you want to know what your own customers say behind closed doors on a specific topic? How new product entrants are being viewed? Or how non-customers are solving their tough issues? If your focus is real improvement, KLAS’ experienced research team can help determine the right questions you need to be asking to get the truth.



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