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Population Health
Management 2016 Report

Providers knew that value-based care was inevitable,
but are PHM vendors ready as well?

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"I share my voice with the KLAS community because it is of great value to exchange knowledge and experiences regarding our technology-related investments and services. I contribute to KLAS with the trust that my peers and others will do the same.”
- Rick Schooler, CIO, Orlando Health
“I share my voice with the KLAS community because I believe in the power of fact based decisions, and intelligent conversations that lead to positive change across the industry.”
- Rasu Shrestha, Chief Innovation Officer, UPMC
"KLAS is the single best source of honest, unbiased information about the software and equipment that keeps healthcare moving forward. They give a voice to the people who actually use these systems."
- George Reynolds, Former CIO Children's Hospital and Medical Center, Nebraska
“I share my voice with the KLAS community because I find great value in the collective shared experiences KLAS presents in such a unique way in our industry, adding my voice to this collective is the least I can do. ”
- Brian Patty, CMIO, Rush University Medical Center
"I share my voice with the KLAS community because they provide an essential service to the healthcare community by consolidating all the feedback that myself and my colleagues provide."
- Deane Morrison, CIO, Capital Regional Health Care

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The Delicate Arch

Why the Arch? Explaining the Symbol of KLAS

Jan 16, 2017

For many, starting a new year involves looking back at the past with nostalgia. We’ve enjoyed walking memory lane to see how far we’ve come and, in many ways, what has stayed the same.

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Population Health Collaboration

Population Health and Patient Engagement: Measuring Success

Dec 26, 2016

Participants at the Keystone Summit diligently vetted every detail of the proposed population health framework. One visiting provider executive, who was a bit uncertain of the gatherings benefit at the start, approached me mid-day and enthusiastically told me, “This is really great dialogue; I think the output of this conference will be very beneficial.” I have to agree with him!

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Keystone Summit

Keystone Summit Providers: How Can Pop Health Vendors Improve?

Dec 19, 2016

It was fascinating to see the vendors working alongside the providers in trying to solve the population health puzzle. During the recent KLAS Keystone Summit, we had an opportunity to listen to/discuss ideas with a panel of thought leaders within the provider community.

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Casting a broad net

Population Health: Casting a Broad Net

Dec 12, 2016

When I reflect on my experience at the Keystone Summit this year, I’m awestruck. I’m in awe that we got such a great group of HIT influencers together. I’m in awe that we put together a framework for a complex topic like population health. And I’m in awe that we did it all in such a short time.

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