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Policy: Use of KLAS Data

Providers, vendors, consultants, and others using KLAS data for any reason must abide by the data use policy. To download the KLAS Data Use Policy, click here.


Attention: Understanding KLAS Data

KLAS data and reports represent the combined opinions of actual people from provider organizations. Participants compare how their vendors, products, and/or services performed when measured against their objectives and expectations. A unique compilation of candid opinions, KLAS findings are real measurements representing the individuals interviewed rather than an entire client base. Significant variables, including the type of organization/hospital (rural, teaching, specialty, etc), size of organization, depth/breadth of software use, software version, role in the organization, provider objectives, and system infrastructure/network, impact participants' opinions, thus precluding an exact, apples-to-apples vendor/product comparison or a finely tuned statistical analysis. KLAS provides the findings as valuable data points to be used with other data points in the overall analysis by the reader. We encourage our clients, friends and partners using KLAS research data to take into account the variables as they include KLAS data in their other due diligence.

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Click here to download the KLAS General Terms of Use Agreement