Who we are is an outgrowth of how we started. In 1996, KLAS founder Kent Gale (the K in KLAS), an executive at a healthcare IT vendor company, was feeling discouraged by a lack of transparency in the industry, including at his company! Kent joined up with Leonard, Adam, and Scott (yes, that is how we got our name) to create a mission-centric culture of accurately, honestly, and impartially reflecting and amplifying the provider voice.

During the past couple of decades, KLAS has grown from a 4-person operation in a 2-bedroom apartment to more than 120 employees passionate about improving healthcare. Our scope of research is constantly expanding as the market needs shift and as technology becomes more sophisticated. We keep our finger on the pulse of the market by personally interviewing 95% of ​the healthcare professionals who give us feedback. This connection differentiates KLAS from other firms because our partners know and trust us as a reliable resource for the information they’re seeking.

Our story doesn’t stop here. Healthcare technology is rapidly changing, and KLAS is dedicated to being the source that holds vendors accountable and amplifies the voice of your peers.  

Adam & Kent Cowboys