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Software as a Service EMR Model Garners Greater Appeal

An attractive pricing model combined with hands-off maintenance and increasing confidence in cloud data storage has many healthcare providers looking seriously at Software as a Service EMR systems

Orem, Utah — May 14, 2012 As providers continue to seek ways to do more with fewer resources, the limited hardware expenses, ease of use, and growing confidence in cloud storage continue to make Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions more enticing. The recent KLAS SaaS EMR 2012: Is It For You? report discusses the performance of SaaS EMR products from vendors such as AdvancedMD, athenahealth, Bizmatics, CureMD, MedPlus/Quest Diagnostics, MIE, OptumInsight, Practice Fusion, Sevocity, and Waiting Room Solutions.

Research director and report author Erik Bermudez said, “The SaaS EMR deployment model is becoming more popular for providers who want minimal up-front cost and prefer to give the responsibility of the care and feeding of the software to the vendor. Luckily for providers, there are plenty of good options.”

KLAS spoke with nearly 300 healthcare providers that are currently using SaaS EMR to better understand which vendors offer the most comprehensive solution. Providers identified four key areas that differentiated the vendors: EMR response time, customer support, product quality, and bang for the buck. 

EMR response time compared to overall performance score

The KLAS SaaS EMR 2012: Is It For You? report is available to healthcare providers online for a significant discount. Both healthcare providers and vendors can visit www.KLASresearch.com/KLASreports to purchase the report. KLAS members can learn more about the SaaS ambulatory EMR products by logging in to their account at www.KLASresearch.com. Providers can share their experiences with SaaS solutions confidentially online with KLAS at www.KLASresearch.com/eval.

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