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Providers Prefer Interface Engine Solutions that Deliver High-performance Interoperability for Seamless Data Flow

With healthcare reform in mind providers reward interface engine (IE) vendors who deliver an intuitive solution with health information exchange (HIE) integration, without sacrificing horsepower

Orem, UT – July 12, 2011 –The ever-expanding number of technology applications, combined with meaningful use and other initiatives, results in the increasing demand for application interoperability in healthcare organizations. This in turn places greater pressure and incentive on those organizations to find better and easier ways to facilitate interfacing. Providers want all the horsepower of a robust, scalable, and flexible interface engine (IE) wrapped up in an easy-to-use package.KLAS’ new report entitled Interface Engines: Beyond Interoperability scrutinizes vendor performance, IE market trends, and the interoperability strategies vendors are pursuing to meet the industry’s requirements.

“Providers need a suitable level of interoperability, and—because cost is a major consideration—many are looking to interface engines technology to achieve it with simple sophistication listed as the most sought-after functionality,” said Paul Pitcher, author of the report. “Understanding how each solution performs, what hospital size they perform best with, and if their offerings match providers’ needs is critical in choosing the best fit.”

Corepoint Healthis the top-rated vendor in this report with 96.3 points out of 100, and is experiencing tremendous growth in its client base. It had the largest presence of any vendor in smaller healthcare facilities (fewer than 200 beds) but very few clients in facilities with more than 500 beds. Corepoint received the highest scores for product development and new technology, its customers raved about the extra-mile efforts of Corepoint’s support staff, and the robust and flexible technology of the interface engine; most customers felt the system met all of their expectations.

Running a very close second to Corepoint with 96.0 points is InterSystems, but the two are rarely found in the same arena; almost all of InterSystems Ensemble customers were 500+ bed facilities. Ensemble achieved the highest increase in satisfaction score of any vendor product over the past year. One InterSystems Ensemble customer’s IT manager stated, “InterSystems' customer support continues to set the standard by which all of our other vendors are judged.”

Other ranking vendors/products include Lawson/Cloverleaf Integration Suite, Orion Health/Rhapsody, and Siemens/OPENLink. Findings about Mirth/Connect were also included in the report, but did not meet KLAS Konfidence levels to be ranked in this report.

“After functionality, technology development and advancement ranks as most desirableselection factors,” added Pitcher. “IE technology is the foundation for many HIE solutions, and providers should be aware of vendors’ capabilities and strategies related to other technologies.”

For more information about the interface engine market, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of measured vendors, Interface Engines: Beyond Interoperability is available to healthcare providers online for a significant discount off the standard retail price. To purchase, healthcare providers and vendors can visit www.KLASresearch.com/reports.


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