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Which EMR Software is Best for Your Organization?

With so many vendors touting dozens of products, healthcare providers face a daunting task knowing which EMR system is the best fit for their organization. Which product is of the highest quality? Which vendor offers the fairest contract terms? Whose implementation is the smoothest?

These questions and many others can be answered quickly and definitively with KLAS performance ratings. KLAS works with thousands of hospitals and clinics throughout the United States and Canada to assemble accurate, honest and impartial performance ratings for hundreds of healthcare products, including EMR software.

Healthcare providers receive complimentary access to KLAS performance data, just click below to create your KLAS account.


KLAS performance ratings offer a quick graphical view of each product’s strengths and weakness, as well as positive and negative commentary from actual users.

Performance Ratings
Month-to-Month Trends

Client Commentary

If you have any questions, please contact KLAS at 800-920-4109 or marketing@KLASresearch.com