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Top Ten Ways to Avoid EMR Implementation Potholes

by Mike Smith on July 09, 2015
For KLAS’ recent report, Implementation Potholes 2015: How to Smooth Out the Ride , we interviewed healthcare providers, vendors, and consultants to determine which EMR vendors provide the smoothest implementations and which potholes each of the vendors’ clients can expect. As part of the report, we asked what best practices providers should employ to make the transition as smooth as possible. Our top ten findings are below.
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What Will the Coding Environment Look Like a Year from Today?

by Boyd Stewart on June 30, 2015
As the United States prepares for ICD-10’s deadline, healthcare providers across the nation look inward to evaluate their organizations’ ability to cope with efficiency loss. Many have purchased computer-assisted coding solutions, but, many of these providers still have unmet expectations. In order to hedge their bets, many organizations have contracted coders from multiple outsourced coding firms to supplement their in-house coders. The hope is that when they need even more coders, they will be able to leverage their existing vendor relationships to fill the gaps.
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1,217 PHI Breaches and Counting

by Austin Cameron on May 27, 2015
Since October 2009, 1,217 breaches of unsecured protected health information (PHI), each affecting more than 500 individuals, have been reported to the Office for Civil Rights. These breaches have affected a total of 133,253,121 people. As smaller breaches do not need to be reported to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the real number of PHI breaches is certainly much higher. For instance, the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) has found that since 2005, breaches in the medical/healthcare industry have affected more than 156 million people.
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Patient Portal Adoption: From 5% to 20% and Beyond

by Colin Buckley on May 12, 2015
Patient access to clinical data is one of the most difficult-to-achieve aspects of meaningful use. Currently, only 5% of patients are required to be accessing data, but with meaningful use Stage 3 looming, the impending demands of payment reform, and the anticipated benefits of patient engagement in the value-based-care world, many providers are ramping up their patient portal efforts and are getting adoption rates well north of 20%.
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Acute EMR market consolidation – And then there were five

by Coray Tate on January 09, 2015
There are a significant number of providers running legacy EMR systems that will soon need replacement. Pressure from meaningful use continues to force change. Payment reform and value-based care are driving many provider organizations to standardize, merge, and partner to survive.
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Who Provides Productivity AND Partnership in CAC?

by Austin Cameron on December 17, 2014
Based on industry research and KLAS analysis, it seems clear that ICD-10 will deliver a major hit to coder productivity. Healthcare providers are looking to CAC to mitigate this loss before it happens, a fact that is reflected in increasing sales and implementations of CAC solutions.
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CHUG/KLAS Alliance to Improve Healthcare

by Jeremy Goff on December 01, 2014
KLAS has just announced an alliance with CHUG (Centricity Healthcare User Group). This relationship is based on our common goal to improve healthcare by making sure that the collective voice of Centricity Users be heard and be counted by GE. The possibilities from this new partnership are very exciting.
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Population Health Management and a Serious Hotel Wake-up Call

by Joe VanDeGraaff on November 21, 2014
Most vendor products in the population health market are new, and some healthcare provider organizations are going down this road for the first time. The need for hand-holding and ongoing guidance is tremendous.
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From the Research Desk

Business Intelligence & Baking Soda

by Joe VanDeGraaff on November 18, 2014
But the potential uses and applications of BI are high in number and practicality, especially in healthcare. The potential lift and impact BI can have on the healthcare industry goes far beyond analyzing financial metrics or reporting on business operations.
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Ambulatory RCM Services: Letting It Go

by Erik Bermudez on November 14, 2014
For some providers, letting go of their billing and some of their administrative tasks can be a challenge, and these providers expressed some level of frustration with the process. But for the majority, letting go and letting a vendor take care of these tasks is a great thing.
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What Makes Specialty Pharmacy Special

by Adam Cherrington on November 11, 2014
The Specialty Pharmacy market addresses the expensive and difficult-to-access medications that are prescribed for complex disease states. Specialty pharmacy IT vendors claim that the transfer of patient data from EMRs to pharmacy systems exists in limited deployment today but readily admit that the reverse flow of patient information is not yet happening.
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How Your EMR is — Or Isn’t — Like healthcare.gov

by Colin Buckley on November 06, 2014
A comparison of EMRs to the troubled launch of healthcare.gov.
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From the Research Desk

In Healthcare Quality Management, Knowledge is Power. . . . But How Much?

by Emily Hodgen on November 04, 2014
Providers use quality management products to identify their greatest risks/deficits and then act on that information.
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From the Research Desk

Is Our Healthcare Interoperability Ecosystem Growing?

by Coray Tate on October 30, 2014
Taking a good look at the future of interoperability.
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M&Ms, Big Data, and Healthcare

by Joe VanDeGraaff on October 28, 2014
The promise of big data in healthcare is tremendous—new discoveries, personalized medicine, better healthcare for entire populations—but lose their appeal without victories, the most important part of big data.
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Top 4 Challenges Faced by Providers Moving Toward Value-Based Care

by Lois Krotz on October 24, 2014
During my research for the ACO Advisory Services, I’ve found 4 common concerns the healthcare organization executives have voiced in our conversations.
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From the Research Desk

Passion for Prevention – Celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Early Detection

by Monique Rasband on October 23, 2014
Is whole breast ultrasound an avenue to explore, or do the breast applications in general ultrasounds meet providers’ needs? While half of providers in our report have no purchase plans, 21% said they plan to buy whole-breast ultrasound.
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From the Research Desk

Decreasing Dose and Increasing Success

by Brady Heiner on October 21, 2014
How mobile digital x-ray is helping to decrease dose.
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From the Founder

Client Centric Part VI: When the Customer Is Wrong, Tell Them

by Kent Gale on October 16, 2014
The customer is not always right. The customer always wants success. The customer-centric vendor protects the customer from poor choices and moves them to success. It is as simple as that.
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From the Research Desk

Helping Providers Is a Personal Matter

by Matt Terry on October 14, 2014
Partnering with providers is our privilege.
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From the Research Desk

Practicing Medicine Is the Same Everywhere. . . . Or Is It?

by Chris Brown on October 09, 2014
KLAS has just published the first global EMR mindshare report, and frankly, I was shocked by the results. I went into the research thinking that medicine is practiced so differently around the world that surely each vendor would have to customize their solution from a clinical standpoint.
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From the Research Desk

Farm Strong: Epic Services Firms

by Erik Westerlind on October 07, 2014
The farm life taught my father the value of a hard day’s work and the importance of doing his best, or in other words, being “farm strong.” These two characteristics remind me of the Epic services firms we have just evaluated. There has been significant growth in implementation work in the past two years, and undoubtedly, the firms listed in the study put an emphasis on providing the best service they can for healthcare providers.
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From the Research Desk

The Continuum of Scare

by Joe VanDeGraaff on October 02, 2014
While 'the Continuum of Scare' was an amusing auto-correct, it perfectly illustrates the how many healthcare providers think about their changing world and the challenges they face.
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From the Research Desk

EMR Market Share by the Numbers: The Cerner/Siemens Acquisition, Part 2

by Colin Buckley on September 24, 2014
This blog examines competitiveness and how Siemens does (or doesn’t) change the market-share picture for Cerner.
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From the Founder

Client Centric Part V: A Vendor Executive Visit—Measure the Mouth-to-Ears Ratio

by Kent Gale on September 22, 2014
Increasing client loyalty starts with great listening skills.
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From the Research Desk


by Erik Bermudez on September 08, 2014
Culture is everywhere and it makes all the difference in a company.
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From the Research Desk

Interoperability and the All-Powerful Wizard of Oz

by Coray Tate on September 04, 2014
As we take an early look at the data, it is becoming clear that interoperability and the great Oz share some common traits.
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From the Research Desk

How Sonography Is Speeding up Healthcare

by Marinda Bean Wilson on September 04, 2014
Healthcare organizations are using more ultrasound technology that saves them time and money, according to the recent KLAS report, “Ultrasound 2014: Saving Time and Money with Workflow Automation.”
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From the Research Desk

The Providers’ Almanac of Epic Consulting Firms

by Emily Hodgen on September 03, 2014
KLAS has put together an almanac of sorts: a buyer’s guide of Epic consulting firms to help providers distinguish which firms could be the best fit for their organizations’ unique needs.
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From the Research Desk

Are Ambulatory EMRs Going the Way of BlackBerrys?

by Jared Dowland on September 02, 2014
New Ambulatory EMR Leaders Emerging as Market Shifts
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From the Founder

Client Centric Part IV: When You Are Client Centric, You Cannot Hide

by Kent Gale on August 29, 2014
Customer-centric vendors have a deep appetite to know how they are doing and then acting on the feedback. It is a never-ending learning cycle and pays off big for both vendor and client.
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From the Research Desk

Practice Makes Perfect but Clinical Decision Support (CDS) Tools Sure Help Too

by Lauren McConkie on August 28, 2014
Clinical Decision Support (CDS) tools help physicians in diagnosing and understanding all the options for specific symptoms, as well as best practices for treatment, leading to better patient care.
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From the Research Desk

How Long Is the Population Health Train?

by Mark Allphin on August 27, 2014
Although Population Health vendors differ drastically from one another, their solutions often look very similar and their presentations sound almost identical. We talked to providers to glean their perceptions on these solutions.
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From the Research Desk

#1 Cost for Healthcare Providers Is . . .

by Austin Cameron on August 26, 2014
Since healthcare providers’ number one cost is their people, organizations have very high expectations of the Human Capital Management (HCM) systems they use to manage them. KLAS found only one broad/suite vendor and a few focused/niche vendors that earned the designation of Beyond Efficient in the KLAS report.
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From the Research Desk

EMR Market Share by the Numbers: The Cerner/Siemens Acquisition, Part 1

by Colin Buckley on August 25, 2014
Cerner rocked the HIT world recently with their acquisition of Siemens Health Services, creating a major shift in the hospital EMR market place.
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From the Founder

Client Centric Part III: Be Careful What You Measure

by Kent Gale on August 22, 2014
KLAS enjoys hearing about the many programs and measurements that are put into place to improve a vendor’s performance.
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From the Research Desk

Your Golf Game, EMRs, and Patient Care

by Erik Bermudez on August 18, 2014
We all know those organizations that have the latest and greatest EMRs, technology, and gadgets. But ultimately, who is responsible for the quality of patient care? Is it the technology and equipment? Whether or not the vendor lends a helping hand? Or is it the healthcare providers themselves?
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From the Research Desk

The Road (to Accountable Care) Less Traveled

by Colin Buckley on August 15, 2014
How the University of Utah health system is reversing roles so the provider is the one offering shared savings to the payer to achieve accountable care.
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From the Research Desk

Soccer Cleats and At-Risk Contracts

by Jason Hess on August 13, 2014
Providers seem to have less money to spend on IT and vendors have more and more to sell them. How do you reconcile the two?
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From the Research Desk

Choices That Matter

by Jared Dowland on August 12, 2014
So does it matter which ambulatory clearinghouse solution you choose? We learned that most small practices have several options that will likely meet their needs, but as practices increase in size and complexity, quite a bit more differentiation exists between the different vendor options.
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From the Research Desk

Complete Lack of Common Sense and Basic Math

by Coray Tate on August 11, 2014
Are we really trying hard enough to reduce healthcare costs? Learnings from spending my own money (via a high-deductible health savings account) in the healthcare system.
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From the Research Desk

Providers: It’s 8:00 a.m.—Do You Know Where Your Workers Are?

by Emily Hodgen on August 08, 2014
Human capital management (HCM) systems help automate everything from hiring and training to goal management and time clocks. Read our brand new study, "Human Capital Management 2014: Just Efficient Is Not Sufficient" to see how 15 vendors perform in four categories: human resources/payroll, staff scheduling, time & attendance, and talent management.
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From the Research Desk

What the Siemens Acquisition Means for Cerner

by Jonathan Christensen on August 06, 2014
Cerner’s Acquisition of Siemens makes Cerner the largest EMR vendor in the world but Cerner will need to proceed carefully to make the most of it.
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From the Research Desk

Can I Get a Side of Population Health with My Corndog?

by Mark Allphin on August 04, 2014
As I look back on this experience, I can’t help but think of the current population health market. KLAS just published a perception report on population health, and more than 65 vendors were mentioned in the study.
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